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Danish design. Made in Denmark.

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MuteBox One

The unique feeling of being able to be completely present when you have to make an important call, or focus on a significant work task.

MuteBox One Custom

Our classic MuteBox One now in Black or Brown Oak. Immerse yourself in your next conversation without distractions from the outside world.

MuteBox Meet

An additional flexible meeting room to improve well-being in the workplace. Much cheaper than establishing a new meeting room.

MuteBox Work

Need extra peace and quiet while working? MuteBox Work shuts out disturbing noises and ensures you the right workflow.

Recognized by

Used diligently for both telephone calls and skype meetings

Michael Rendell Kristensen, Building Designer

Video meetings in the MuteBox are much more focused

Mathias Møl Dalsgaard, CEO

In the past, we found that our meeting rooms were often occupied by single individuals on the phone. We avoid that completely with MuteBox

Christoffer Aarensbach, CEO, HiFi

Luxury for your office environment

At affordable prices

Acoustic panels in oak.

2-in-1 sound insulation.

We have installed some of the best acoustic panels on the market on the outside of the MuteBox.

The wooden panels break the sound and remove reverberation. Acoustic foam is mounted behind the wooden panels which reduces the noise in the room.

Better acoustics
Danish design

The best materials.

For the perfect products.

MuteBox One and MuteBox Meet are produced from carefully selected materials produced by skilled Danish subcontractors.

Experience our products

Sustainable design

with Danish suppliers.

MuteBox is produced locally in Denmark from quality materials. We use sustainable elements like recycled plastic in the acoustic foam, and in addition to this, we plant a tree for every MuteBox we sell.

Produced in Denmark
Highest quality
MuteBox makes a difference

Framehouse - The CO2 neutral business community

With MuteBox, Framehouse has been given a space for confidential phone calls and video conferencing.

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An efficient large-scale office

TEXTA has created an efficient large-scale office environment

MuteBox has helped reduce noise and increase employee efficiency.

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New and effective meeting culture

PL & Partners have created a new meeting culture in their company

MuteBox has become a natural part of everyday video meetings

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Feel the calm when you enter

Playful Minds makes a difference for children..

The children create the future at CoC Playful Minds.

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Significantly reduces noise

2-year warranty

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