We have created a sustainable alternative to building a meeting room

Jonas Kjemtrup, CEO & Co-Founder, MuteBox

About MuteBox

MuteBox is a Danish design company providing high quality meeting rooms and phone booths for work spaces.

We design sustainable, flexible and space saving solutions focusing on acoustic optimisation and employee satisfaction.

Benefits of a MuteBox

Experience less noise and increased well-being with telephone boxes and meeting rooms from MuteBox.

Through high-quality design solutions, MuteBox improves working environments and public spaces and creates spaces to focus and connect.

An effective weapon against stress, and ideal for the new reality with many daily video and telephone meetings.


Local production

MuteBox is manufactured in Denmark by skilled Danish craftsmen and craftswomen. The short distance from manufacturer to customer means less transportation and therefore less CO2 emissions.

Choice of materials

We use sustainable elements such as recycled plastic in the acoustic foam, in order to leave as little imprint as possible on the planet's limited resources.

Long life

Using quality materials and timeless designs, we ensure that the products have a long life.

In addition to this, in collaboration with the Growing Trees Network, we also plant a new tree for every MuteBox sold.

The story behind MuteBox

Back in 2019, business school teacher Thomas Keller approached his student Jonas Kjemtrup with an idea to develop a modern telephone box for use in the open office landscapes.

Many months of hard work later, the two entrepreneurs presented a finished product in the TV program 'Løvens Hule' (Dragon’s Den), where investor Jesper Buch immediately saw the potential and invested in the partner couple and the company. Things started happening fast and MuteBox quickly grew wings and began flying.

Today, our product portfolio has been expanded from a telephone box to also include flexible meeting rooms; we now sell MuteBox beyond Denmark's borders and have an ambition of continously building new markets.

The team behind MuteBox


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