100-day return policy*

2-year warranty

Danish design produced in Denmark

MuteBox Meet





100-day return policy*

2-year warranty

Danish design produced in Denmark

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B: 2046 mm x H: 2230 x D: 1305

More space

Room for 4 seated people


Sustainable materials in everything from wood to acoustic foam

Choose furniture

You can get a screen or a whiteboard

Lots of benefits with MuteBox Meet

Take advantage of the space in your office

Place MuteBox Meet where you have extra space and use your square metres intelligently. Be economical and flexible.

Low cost

Buy a MuteBox Meet instead of establishing a new permanent meeting room. It’s cheaper and can be taken with you if you move to a new premises.

2-in-1 acoustic enhancement

MuteBox Meet improves the acoustics both in the office, where it is located and in the soundproof meeting room.

Place a virtual MuteBox in your office

Try our new AR feature, which easily lets you see and experience how a MuteBox fits into your particular office.

Scan the QR code with your camera
Use your iPhone, Android phone, iPad or tablet.

Flexible solution

Your MuteBox Meet comes with wheels and can be easily moved around if you need to change the décor.

Free up meeting rooms

Large meeting rooms are often used for a few people. Free up more meeting rooms with a MuteBox Meet in your company.

Soundproofed room

With 31 dB (A) sound attenuation, you can have meetings without disturbing the rest of the office.

Danish design

MuteBox Meet is Danish design at its best. Modern and stylish.

High comfort

Gorgeous built-in leather seats in high quality for all four people.

Perfect ventilation

Adapted ventilation keeps the air fresh and comfortable during meetings and video calls.

Lamella panels

The exterior panels enhance the acoustics of the room where Meet stands.

Easy access

The double doors ensure easy and flexible access to the MuteBox Meet.

Intelligent camera

MuteBox Meet features the world's first intelligent 180° panoramic 4K plug-and-play solution for video conferencing.

Hold professional video meetings.

MuteBox Meet contains Jabra PanaCast which works with all-leading solutions for video and audio conferencing and is certified for use with Microsoft Teams & Zoom.

Comfortable leather seats

Beautiful seats for four people upholstered in cognac-coloured leather.

Power and AV

Never run out of power during the meeting with various common charging options.

Designer clock

With a clock in the room, you can stay in control of the schedule and keep track of the meeting.



We use sustainable elements like, for example, recycled plastic for the MuteBoxes, and in addition to this, we plant a tree for every MuteBox we sell.

Furthermore, we have also chosen to produce the MuteBox in Denmark, so we reduce transport from our warehouse to the customers.

Last but not least, the flexibility of our MuteBox ensures a long product life cycle, as it can be taken with you when moving to a new premises.

Benefits of Buying MuteBox Meet

By buying your MuteBox Meet outright, you will only pay one total amount, so you can enjoy your extra meeting room straight away, as there’s no need to worry about monthly payments. Remember that your MuteBox can always be taken with you if you move to a new premises.

Quality lamella panels

Meet is clad with high quality lamella panels both inside and out

Tempered safety glass

High quality glass that can withstand daily use

Solid oak handle

Stylish and ergonomic handle, which makes it easy to open the door