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A tribute to Danish design tradition and timeless aesthetics

Danish design is characterised by simplicity, beautiful woods, good quality, and craftsmanship. All elements that also characterise MuteBox One.

Quality materials and exceptional craftsmanship

MuteBox One is made from quality materials, ensuring a beautiful finish and a long lifespan.

Designed for the workplace of the future

MuteBox is a natural part of the flexible and hybrid workplace.

Created for you

MuteBox One is designed with you in mind and crafted to high standards to improve the open office environment.

Less noise

MuteBox helps to reduce noise in open office landscapes, creating a more peaceful and focused work environment.

Improved productivity

By creating a quieter work environment, MuteBox increases employee productivity and efficiency.

Flexibility and space-saving

MuteBox enables a more flexible and efficient use of office space, without occupying large meeting rooms.

Increased employee well-being

With less noise and disturbances, employees experience a higher degree of well-being and job satisfaction.



Inside MuteBox, a world of functionalities opens up, creating your ideal work environment.

Sustainable materials

MuteBox is built in sustainable wood and recycled plastic. Additionally, we plant a tree for every MuteBox we sell.

Danish design

MuteBox is Danish design at its best. Modern and with a real sense of style.

Acoustic panels

MuteBox is clad with high-quality acoustic panels both inside and out. The panels on the outside of the box improve the acoustics in the room where the MuteBox is placed.

Perfect ventilation

Our engineers have sweated so you don't have to. The quiet ventilation ensures a comfortable temperature.

Power and lighting

You won't run out of power with several electrical sockets in the MuteBox, and the efficient LED light provides comfortable lighting.

Fantastic sound insulation

With a sound reduction of 30 dB(A), MuteBox creates a space for calls and immersion in the open office environment.

2 Year Warranty

We offer a full 2-year manufacture warranty. Because we believe in the quality of our product.

100 Day Risk-Free Return Policy

If the MuteBox does not make a positive difference to your workplace, you can simply return it within 100 days.

Frequently asked questions about MuteBox

Find the answers right here:

Lead Time

MuteBox One:
2-4 weeks
MuteBox Meet: 2-4 weeks
MuteBox Work: 2-4 weeks

What is the optimal placement for a MuteBox?

The MuteBox is made to be used - therefore it can advantageously be placed centrally in the office landscape. This placement has several benefits.

First, the MuteBox becomes more visible and accessible to employees, making it easier to check if it's occupied or free. Second, it becomes easier for employees to include it as part of their work routine. It is recommended that there be 2-3 meters to the nearest workstation.

In addition to accessibility, you should also consider whether the location is practical in terms of power and wiring. Also think about how the door of the MuteBox can be opened without obstacles.

Can I see a MuteBox before I order?

We have a showrooms in Copenhagen, Stockholm, Düsseldorf and at The Ministry in London. Check our "Showrooms" menu item and book a time.

How often is the air changed in a MuteBox?

Ventilation is a crucial factor for a comfortable and productive work experience. To ensure a constant flow of fresh air, MuteBox is equipped with an efficient ventilation system that changes the air 1.5 times a minute. This means you can always work in a box with air as fresh as in the surrounding room.

MuteBox One has an airflow of 167 m3/h. This guarantees not only an even circulation of air but also a rapid replacement of indoor air, which is crucial for creating a comfortable work environment. Our engineers have worked diligently to create a quiet and efficient ventilation system that allows you to work undisturbed while maintaining a comfortable temperature.

With MuteBox's efficient ventilation system, you can work without worrying about overheating or discomfort. Our goal is to create a workstation where all aspects of functionality, from sound insulation to temperature control, are thought out for your productivity and well-being.

How good is the sound insulation in a MuteBox?

The noise level at a workplace can greatly impact productivity and well-being. At MuteBox, we strive to offer the perfect solution that minimizes noise and allows you to work in a calm atmosphere. Our MuteBox is designed with carefully selected materials and technologies, ensuring that neither you nor your colleagues disturb or are disturbed.

MuteBox is constructed with a sound insulation ability of 30 dB(A), creating a peaceful space for your calls and immersion. See more documentation in our Sound test report.

With MuteBox, you create not just a quiet work zone, but also an environment where concentration and productivity can thrive without disturbances. Whether you choose MuteBox One or one of our other models, you can be sure that we have designed our products with your work comfort as the highest priority.

How does MuteBox affect the acoustics in the surrounding room?

MuteBox is equipped with acoustic panels both inside and outside, which helps to improve the acoustics in the room where it is placed. This reduces noise and recreates a more peaceful atmosphere.

Especially in open office environments, where there is often a lot of noise, the MuteBox's ability to dampen sound is really valuable. If you place a MuteBox correctly in these areas, you can create small peaceful corners to work in. This reduces disturbances and helps to increase your productivity. At the same time, MuteBox's sound insulation makes the entire work environment more comfortable for everyone present.

Can I customize the appearance of MuteBox to match a particular decor?

At MuteBox, we offer various color options and customization possibilities, allowing you to tailor the appearance of MuteBox to harmonize with the existing decor of your office.

Is MuteBox easy to assemble, or does it require professional assistance?

MuteBox is designed for easy self-assembly with detailed instructions. You do not need professional assistance, but we are always available for support if needed.

What sustainable materials is MuteBox made of?

MuteBox is constructed from sustainable wood and recycled plastic, reducing the impact on the environment. For every MuteBox sold, we plant a tree as part of our contribution to a greener world.

How do I control the lighting inside MuteBox, and can I adjust the light intensity?

The lighting inside MuteBox is easily controlled from a built-in control panel, and the efficient LED light ensures comfortable lighting.

What is an office phone booth?

An office phone booth is a room designed for effective and confidential phone calls and video meetings.

Sustainable. Built to last.

We work every day to make our business and products even more sustainable.

Manufactured in Denmark

We reduce transport distance and CO2 footprint through production in Europe and collaboration with skilled Danish craftsmen.

Sustainable and upcycled materials

We prioritise upcycled materials and use as many sustainable materials as possible in our products, as it reduces the environmental impact and supports a circular economy.

Long lifespan and movable

We produce MuteBox using quality materials and a timeless design, to ensure the product a long lifespan. In addition, it is movable, meaning you can take it with you when you move.

Collaboration with care

For every MuteBox sold, we plant a tree as part of our contribution to a greener world.


Christoffer Arensbach

CEO, HIFI Klubben

"In the past, we found that our meeting rooms were often occupied by individuals talking on the phone. We completely avoid that with MuteBox."

Kim Søgaard Nielsen


"Our MuteBox is in use all the time, and has become an indispensable part of our office. The MuteBox has had a fantastic impact on our work environment and well-being, and this has positively affected productivity. I actually think we should get another one."

Michael Rendell Kristensen


"Used frequently for both phone calls and Skype meetings."

Created to fit in, everywhere.

Customise your MuteBox

You can customise your MuteBox, including customisation of hinges, addition of carpet, changing the color of the panels, and an adjustable desk. These customisation options create a unique and personal workspace that reflects your unique style and needs.

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MuteBox One

The unique feeling of being fully present when you need to make an important call, or focus on a significant work task.

MuteBox Meet

An extra and flexible meeting pod with space for 2-4 people. Perfectly tuned acoustics and much cheaper than establishing a new meeting room.