PL & Partners

PL & Partners er en vigtig spiller på det digitale marked i Norden

We are resided in some large, open offices and it has sometimes been very challenging to solve the puzzle of the meeting rooms

Nicklas Meyer

PL & Partners

“I actually feel like I have bought extra square meters to my office. Besides that I find them extremely elegant, I also find it freeing that such a small space can actually have an extra meeting room”

Social media is constantly evolving and it can be difficult to keep up before a new update or feature lands. Advertising via social media has become an important part of a company's marketing mix, and it is something that helps to create new growth opportunities for companies.

PL & Partners is the leading company in advertising on Instagram and Facebook in the Nordics, and they also have a MuteBox in their office.

When you meet Nicklas Meyer, the chief operating officer and partner in this digital advertising agency, there is no doubt that you have entered a buzzing and bustling open office landscape in Sydhavnen, and you’ll certainly get the impression that the internet never ‘sleeps’.

More tasks led to lack of space

PL & Partners has been in rapid development over the last few years. Their tasks have become larger and more extensive, and more people have come on board their ship, heading for greater growth and visibility.

"We reside in large, open office rooms, and it has been difficult for me to solve the meeting room puzzle" explains Meyer, when we asked why they acquired MuteBoxes for their office.

“We are an agency that has grown tremendously over the years, and this has created situations where the meeting rooms have been under pressure and in high demand. After we got MuteBoxes, we can see that the atmosphere in our open office space has become more relaxed. Now, we can have both virtual and one-on-one phone meetings in our MuteBoxes instead of allocating an entire meeting room to them” says Meyer with a smile.

In addition to this, Meyer emphasises that the MuteBoxes in the office have helped to create a better and more relaxed attitude towards taking private phone calls during the day.

More space for less money

The MuteBox is created to ensure better well-being, reduce stress, and form a framework for different types of conversations and online meetings. In the big city, especially, it is costly to rent large office spaces. It is, therefore, also worth emphasising that the MuteBox helps to create more available space.

“I actually feel like I bought square metres for my office. In addition to the fact that I think they are extremely beautiful and adorn the office, I think it is liberating that I can get an extra meeting room in such a small space.”

MuteBox is Danish design in all its simplicity, and produced in sustainable materials that add personality and character to the office.

Decor with MuteBox

At MuteBox, we are always ready to guide and discuss the optimal interior design of your office. We are only a phone call away, and it’s always possible to visit us to see and experience the functionality and design, and to actually get a physical sense of how the the boxes can make a difference too.

“What really surprised me was how easy it was to order and how quickly it was delivered and implemented in the office. But also how easy it was from the start - there was no onboarding, we were just good to go" says Meyer.

This means that you don’t need to think long and hard about your decision before taking action.
It is also worth highlighting that there is a two-year warranty on a MuteBox
and a 100-day return policy.

COVID-19 has made a difference

The whole world has been affected by COVID-19. For many companies, workflows have changed completely, and digitalisation has, for many people, been the only safe way to meet, work, and shop. In addition to this, the pandemic has also severely
put an end to the many small and large physical meetings of everyday life.

"During the pandemic, we have seen a sharp increase in the number of online meetings. It has, therefore, been nice that we have been able to withdraw into the MuteBox and have online meetings in confidence and in a good professional environment” concludes Meyer.

MuteBox has developed a product with comfortable LED lighting and perfect ventilation ensuring a comfortable temperature within. Furthermore, you get two fitted power sockets, so you never have to worry about charging your devices or running out of battery during a meeting.

We would like to thank Nicklas Meyer and PL & Partners for inviting us into their beautiful office. They confirm to us that we, at MuteBox, help to create more mental and physical space for the individual. A difference that benefits both the community and the individual.

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