When it comes to content marketing, Texta has created the common thread

We chose MuteBox because of the functionality and the design - and then it is even sustainably produced.

Tim Knorborg Jensen


“MuteBox was the only product on the market that fulfilled our standards by using reused materials, planting a tree for every MuteBox sold and then all of it is produced in Denmark. So to us, the choice was easy.”

We live in a time where digitalisation and change take up a lot of space in our everyday lives. At MuteBox, we spend a lot of time planning, developing, and analyzing new trends and tendencies, both on the market and digitally. Despite the fact
that it can seem easy to post, share, and be active on social media, it is
actually not quite as simple when everything has to be spot-on. It requires knowledge, experience, and a strategic operational approach to succeed and to reach the desired target group in the best possible way. We took the trip to Århus, the City of Smiles, to meet a dynamic team that manages to create and secure a common thread in the digital universe, every single day. The company is called TEXTA and is a content marketing agency. On a daily basis, they work for both Danish and large international companies. Their customer list ranges from the underwear brand JBS over the online shop Miinto, to Lyreco – one of Europe's largest distributors of office supplies.

TEXTA brings everyday language into their solutions to make them easily accessible for their intended recipients, whilst also being able to make a noticeable difference. We
were lucky enough to have a chat with Tim Knorborg Jensen, who is CMO and partner. We talked to him about his experience with MuteBox and how it has made a difference in their bright, open office landscape where all their in-house employees

“The MuteBox has had an incredibly positive impact here at TEXTA. We have an open office landscape, which means that when you pick up the phone, you risk disturbing
everyone else. This issue has now been eliminated, because you can take your confidential phone calls in the MuteBox without disturbing other people working in the office,"

Knorborg Jensen begins with a smile and continues:

"we chose MuteBox because there was a focus on functionality and design, and, furthermore, it was produced sustainably”.

Sustainability is the most important item on the agenda

Sustainability is incredibly important to TEXTA, and it plays a crucial role in most choices made within the company. Whether it be the choice of their coffee supplier, IT systems, or specific customer tasks, it needs to make sense - not only in the present, but also in the future.

“MuteBox was the only product on this market that tapped into our standards by, amongst other things, using recycled materials, planting a tree for every MuteBox sold, and producing everything in Denmark. So for us, it was a very easy decision.”

When you visit TEXTA's website, you immediately get a direct insight into how this agency is very aware of how their choices can have an effect on the climate and help to create a positive environmental change. All their decisions are based on the UN's 17 world goals, which they have translated into ten concrete goals that fit into their everyday lives and industry. There is, of course, a great focus on how CO2 emissions can be minimized, and how, as a company, you can ensure that you work both for, and with, other companies which also have a clear sustainability policy.

One of the 17 world goals that is very important to MuteBox, is the one of health and well-being. Here, MuteBox certainly creates a positive change, as the MuteBox is a space for calmness and contemplation, removing potential stressors and
unnecessary noise from colleagues.

“Before we got the MuteBox in the office, we had incredible pressure on our meeting rooms because they were used for both phone calls and for physical meetings with our
customers, respectively. We often ran into the problem that we didn’t have any available meeting room spaces when customers came to visit, as they were already occupied
by people on the phone. We have eliminated this issue so that phone calls now take place in the MuteBox, and the physical meetings are held in our actual meeting rooms.”

For many companies, MuteBox can be a great solution to lack of space, poor acoustics, or too high a noise level. At MuteBox, we work as a company to facilitate better well-being, to increase focus on sustainability, and, not least, to enable and create a good flow in an everyday life characterised by constant change.

It is hard to leave TEXTA without a smile on your face, and this is not only because they are happy with their MuteBox. This is also because, as a company, they are solid proof that ‘green goals’ can also be found in digital solutions, partners, and strategies.

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